Hotel Airone

Marina Di Pietrasanta

Whatever the reason for choosing a holiday in Marina di Pietrasanta, the staff of the Hotel Airone will be able to help you enhance it, with all the experience of those who live and know the city and not only in its more folkloristic aspects.


Culture, entertainment, shopping or a simple desire to escape from the everyday routine; Marina di Pietrasanta is a town that still knows how to combine the needs of modern life with the beauty that has been handed down to us from the past. Just pack a bit of curiosity, we are sure you will not be dissatisfied. And add a swimsuit: the sun and the sea are waiting for you!


Do you want to be in contact with the most beautiful things in life air, sun and sea, enjoy moments of tranquility between walking or cycling or by the sea, while a reddish sun allows itself to rest and plunges into a calm sea making everything around you romantic and unforgettable or spend wonderful evenings in the company of your loved ones or your friends in the most fashionable and exclusive places or clubs, then you cannot miss a wonderful holiday in one of the most suggestive places of Tuscany where the air you breathe throughout the year make it an enviable point of arrival from all over the world.



La Versilia è la parte della Toscana nord-occidentale, all'interno della provincia di Lucca, comprendente i territori dei comuni di Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza, Stazzema. La riviera costiera ha una forte vocazione turistica con un esteso litorale sabbioso ed una vivace attività mondana.
Alcuni comuni, in particolare Pietrasanta hanno puntato molto sul turismo culturale, che ha condotto in zona un turismo molto diversificato rispetto a quello del passato, che cercava sostanzialmente relax e divertimento disimpegnato.